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Laughing gas cracker


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A laughing gas cracker is a must-have at every party

Laughing gas crackers are indispensable. You need them to safely get the laughing gas out of the whipped cream chargers. Do you want to buy a laughing gas cracker or are you looking for information about crackers? Then you’ve come to the right place at EnjoyGas. Our crackers are user-friendly and get the most out of your nitrous oxide cartridge.

Want to buy a laughing gas cracker?

Did you buy whipped cream chargers for a party? Then we recommend buying a laughing gas cracker. You need a cracker to get the N₂O out of the whipped cream chargers. You can buy a laughing gas cracker quickly and easily from the EnjoyGas online shop. We offer the highest quality crackers at the lowest price. We also sell complete laughing gas packs. Our value packs are affordably priced and contain all the ingredients for a fantastic party. Because as you know, life is a party but you’ve got to put up those party decorations yourself.

All our orders are dispatched anonymously. Nobody will notice that you received a parcel from EnjoyGas. We send our shipments in anonymous boxes, without logos or advertising. We only sticker them with the address details of the sender and the recipient.

What is a laughing gas cracker?

A laughing gas cracker is a handy tool to safely get the laughing gas out of your whipped cream charger. It takes just seconds. The two-part cracker can be screwed and unscrewed. There is just enough space for a whipped cream charger in between the two parts. You can slide a balloon over the nozzle to fill it with the laughing gas. Break the seal of the cartridge by screwing the two parts together. Then slightly open the cracker to release the N₂O into the balloon. The EnjoyGas crackers ensure that the contents of the entire cartridge is released into the balloon.

How to use a cracker for whipped cream chargers?

Laughing gas crackers are easy to use. You can extract the laughing gas from the charger in just six steps.

Step 1 – unscrew the two parts

Step 2 – slide a balloon over the top element

Step 3 – insert a whipped cream cartridge in between the two parts

Step 4 – screw the two parts together

Step 5 – carefully unscrew the cracker a little

Step 6 – remove the balloon from the cracker

Want to see how the cracker works or need more information about N₂O crackers? Watch this video.

The benefits of an N₂O cracker

These crackers are very popular. In the old days, before N₂O crackers, you needed a whipped cream dispenser to get the laughing gas out of the charger. And a whipped cream dispenser is not exactly user-friendly. They are large and impractical.

An N₂O cracker is small, user-friendly and practical. You can take your cracker with you to any party. A few whipped cream chargers in your right pocket, and the balloons and a cracker in your left pocket. Thanks to the EnjoyGas laughing gas crackers you can party any time, any place. Insert a cartridge in the cracker, slide a balloon onto the cracker and twist to fill your balloon.

Why buy a laughing gas cracker from EnjoyGas?

EnjoyGas is one of the largest importers and suppliers of laughing gas, whipped cream chargers and N₂O crackers. Being a wholesaler, we only supplied to international festivals and companies until recently. Because we buy such large volumes, we get hefty discounts, making our crackers the cheapest crackers on the Dutch market. Putting more money in your pocket!

Order your whipped cream charger cracker anonymously

Do you want to anonymously order whipped cream charger crackers? For yourself or for a friend? You can! All EnjoyGas orders are dispatched anonymously. Our packaging does not feature any logos or advertising. Nobody can see who the parcel is from.

Bulk purchases of crackers

Are you a company and are you looking for a pallet or several pallets of crackers? Then you’ve come to the right place at EnjoyGas. We also supply large quantities of whipping cream chargers to companies. We always have large volumes of crackers in stock. You can collect your orders in Rotterdam and Groningen. We will gladly work with you. Contact us using the contact details at the bottom of this webpage.

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