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The laughing gas specialist of Europe!

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EnjoyGas: your supplier for nitrous oxide cartridges

Do you want to buy whipped cream chargers? Do they need to be cheap, only of the highest quality and do you prefer a discreet delivery? Then the EnjoyGas whipped cream chargers are just what you’re looking for.

In addition to being cheap, discreet and good, we also guarantee a fast delivery. We make sure that your N₂O cartridges are sent to you without a hitch, so you can easily top up your coffee or cake with a cloud of whipped cream. All you need to do? Order whipped cream chargers.

And that’s it. We’ll take care of the rest. We box the whipped cream chargers for you and dispatch them.

Only the best quality whipped cream chargers

Our mission is to find and supply only the best quality whipped cream chargers. Why? Because we like whipped cream and cream cakes. That’s all there is to it. And you don’t want to spoil a delicious cake with second-rate cream, right? Neither do we.

We source our universal whipped cream chargers from all over Europe. European goods meet very stringent requirements. Outside Europe, the quality is not always as high, which is something we don’t tolerate. That is why we solely source our products from within Europe, guaranteeing that we sell only the best quality N₂O cartridges.

Because we only buy from European suppliers, every cartridge is of the same quality. The contents are always the same. So you don’t need to worry that your whipped cream will not be as pillowy or good as your friends’.

What are whipped cream chargers?

Whipped cream chargers are capsules that contain laughing gas (nitrous oxide). Nitrous oxide is a compound of nitrogen and oxygen. It contains 2 nitrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom. The chemical formula of laughing gas is N₂O. Laughing gas is a colourless, sweet-smelling gas. Restaurants use it as a propellant for whipped cream. It makes the cream pillowy.

Cheap whipped cream chargers

At EnjoyGas we buy large volumes of products, always guaranteeing the lowest price. The more cartridges we order, the cheaper they are. Ensuring you can buy whipped cream chargers at affordable prices.

If you want super cheap nitrous oxide cartridges, we recommend buying larger quantities. You can order 50, 100 and even 600 cartridges. The more you buy, the more of a discount we give per cartridge. And even more for pallets of whipped cream chargers. Because in that case, we apply a bulk discount.


(Re) ordered at the last minute but still delivered to storage the same day!


There was a mistake made with my order, but I called and it was resolved immediately, top service !!

There was a mistake made with my order, but I called and it was resolved immediately, top service !!

High-quality gas, and a wide range of n2o tanks. Something for everyone and excellent service!


What a fantastic company! I wanted to laugh and I succeeded too good service and fast delivery.


Order some laughing gas tanks and receive it in no time! There are bad suppliers, but enjoygas always has quality, top service!


Very high quality, wide range and sturdy and discreetly packaged!


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